The Re-imagining of Chronicles of a Hungryman

Hello faithful fans, readers, fellow bloggers, everyone in the blogosphere! It’s been a while since I posted anything. I’ve been doing some thinking and soul-searching, and thought of what I really wanted this blog to be. It was fun to tell you all about my travels, especially when it came to tasting various cuisines, or even reviewing local restaurants; but I’ve decided to focus my blog on the creative and social aspect of food. I always love to eat, but my passion is in creating art in the kitchen.


I just returned from a 2 week Euro trip down the Danube River, and after having been immersed in the culinary delights of the region, my passion for creating has been re-ignited. As such, the new focus of this blog will be on my kitchen creations, making a variation of some recipes, and chronicles of my travels and adventures that inspired me to create the various dishes.

As for the content currently on this blog? It will remain here, as these are all part of my culinary journey. This re-imagining process will take quite a bit of time, so I thank you all in advance for bearing with me.


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