Road Trip: Cleveland – Breakfast @ Lucky’s Cafe

Last weekend was a long weekend in Canada as we celebrated Victoria Day on Monday, May 21st. As such, a lot of people head to their cottages, while some go on trips. I went on a road trip with two friends to Cleveland, OH to visit some of their restaurants and see a few sites.


We headed to Fort Erie, ON on Saturday night to cross the Peace Bridge which takes us across to Buffalo, NY and hopped on the I-90 and drove 5 hours to Cleveland. We were 30 minutes east of Cleveland and it was quite early Sunday morning, but too late to make a motel stay worthwhile, so we decided to pass the time at a rest stop.


After the sun rose, we made our way to Cleveland and on to our first stop for breakfast…Lucky’s Cafe. Our plan, however, hit a little bit of a snag. We had to make a few detours and waited to cross the street since a number of city streets were closed off for the Cleveland Marathon.


We finally made it to Lucky’s Cafe in Cleveland’s Tremont neighbourhood. It was a nice, quaint restaurant with both inside and outside seating. The staff were very friendly and welcoming, also willing to suggest other restaurants around the city to check out.


Some of the fascinating aspects of this restaurant are: they grow their own herbs and some vegetables; and, they source the rest of their ingredients locally, within a hundred mile radius encompassing the state of Ohio.


For my beverage, I ordered their special smoothie of the day, a blueberry, pineapple, and banana mix topped with whipped cream. The smoothie was very filling, and could’ve been a meal all itself. Did I mention, it tasted awesome? It was like a blended fresh fruit patch!


For my meal, I ordered the Biscuits & Gravy ($12.25), which consisted of freshly baked biscuits, sausage gravy, and soft scrambled eggs served with potatoes and grapes. The cheddar scallion biscuits was a great way to start the day, especially when smothered with their homemade sausage gravy that tickled my taste buds. Definitely a great place, and would definitely visit again whenever I return to Cleveland.

Corn Cob Rating:
Overall = 4.75 out of 5
Food = 5 out of 5
Service = 4.5 out of 5
Dining Space/Atmosphere = 4.5 out of 5
Value = 5 out of 5

Lucky’s Cafe
777 Starkweather Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113
Tel #: 216-622-7773
Twitter: @luckyscafe


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