Sun & Rum: 7 Days, 7 Nights in Cuba – Lazy Sunday

Day 2 at the resort fell on a Sunday. Saturday night at La Rumba, a local club was a lot of fun, but was also quite a late night. Thus, it became a Lazy Sunday. Just spent time unwinding in the resort.


I found another pair of hammocks in a different area of the resort. It instantly became another of my nap spots.


Here I am just relaxing on the hammock with my pair of Vibram Five Fingers shoes. By the way, these make for amazing all around shoes for walking around town and the beach.


After some downtime on the hammock, I took a stroll along the beach.


On my walk, I spotted something close to shore. I found this (pictured above).


For dinner, my friend and I, together with some new friends we’ve met ate at the resort’s Grill Restaurant, one of 3 A La Carte restaurants available. The food was decent. The fish was well cooked, and the steak was well done, but wasn’t tough. It was also karaoke night, so we had a little bit of fun participating, then headed over to the resort’s discotheque for some dancing.


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