Sun & Rum: 7 Days, 7 Nights in Cuba – Getting Acquainted and Culinary Adventure

I woke up early on Saturday morning and set off to explore SuperClubs Breezes Varadero, as well as take a morning walk down the beach.


The view heading out of the building where my room was in looks likes paradise. With all the colourful flowers and the sounds of birds chirping, it takes you to a happy place.


I first headed to the beach for a stroll and checked out the various non-motorized water sports equipment available and just enjoyed the crisp morning air and the sound of waves coming on shore.


I then headed back to explore more of the resort and stopped by the pool.


Then I spotted a pair of hammocks by the pool. This would become one of my favourite nap spots.


Then it was time for a short orientation session with our travel rep, then we booked some excursions for the days ahead. After that, my buddy and I headed to town for lunch.


Based on research and rave reviews, we decided to try Casa Nostra Cubana for lunch. The restaurant specializes in Cuban cuisine at very reasonable prices.


Liuba, the owner, and the rest of the staff were very friendly and accommodating, and also made suggestions on what we should try. The rest of the afternoon was spent on the beach, with dinner at the resort and a trip to La Rumba, a nightclub in Varadero.


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