Comer en Cuba: Casa Nostra Cubana

Before my buddy, his coworker and I left for our trip, we did some research on restaurants to visit in Varadero. The number one choice on Trip Advisor was a restaurant called Casa Nostra Cubana, so we decided that we would make a visit and see what it’s all about.


So after booking our excursions on Saturday, my friend and I took a cab to town (costs CUC 5) for lunch at the restaurant.


The restaurant is small, and emanates a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. There are available seating inside the premises as well as outdoors.


I spoke with Liuba, the owner, and she mentioned that the restaurant opened August 2011, through a government initiative to promote proprietary business ownership. They also had the help and support of some friends who live in Montreal. Can you spot the Quebec provincial flag?


Liuba and her staff were all warm and friendly, and we’re very appreciative that we dropped by for a visit. Here they are gladly posing for a picture, shown above.


So we took a seat at one of the tables outside. We browsed the menu and listened to some suggestionsn, and made our orders.


My friend ordered the Banana Soup upon Liuba’s suggestion. It was a very flavourful and delicious soup!


I ordered the Ajiaco Soup, a stew with corn, fish, and potatoes. I really liked the flavour of this soup, and try it with their special homemade hot sauce for a nice kick. The house sauce is also good with the banana soup.


They also served us a conplimentary plate of toasted bruschetta. Nice addition as a starter.


Since we’re in Cuba, we definitely had to order a Mojito. As I’ve learned, original Cuban Mojitos do not include a wedge of lime, but use Angostura Bitters instead.


For my main dish, I ordered the Special Seafood Platter, about CUC 15, as did my friend. The platter consisted of a grilled lobster tail, grilled whitefish, and shrimps, served with a side of Arroz Moros y Cristianos, salad, and freshly made banana chips. Everything on the plate was vey well cooked and had a lot of flavour. The house sauce also adds an extra layer of flavour if you want to give it a try.


We needed a second beverage, so we ordered a Piña Colada. The ingredients were fresh, and it was very evident in its flavour. One of the best I’ve ever had.


For dessert, we had a trio platter that included flan, ice cream (choice of chocolate or strawberry), and coconut strings with cheese. The dessert was not overly sweet, just enough to make it very enjoyable. Even the flan was not too rich.


Last but not least, I ordered a Cafe Casa Nostra, which is their special house creation. The coffee was very delicious. Overall, great meal, and it came to about CUC 30 per person, more or less equivalent to $30 Canadian. Will definitely return to this restaurant when I return to Cuba…maybe next year…

Casa Nostra Cubana
Calle 54 # 501
Squina a Quinta Avenida
Varadero, Maranzas, Cuba


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