Local Eats: Plaza Latina Part III – Colombian Cuisine & Ecuadorian Juice Bar

This afternoon as I was driving home from work, I was talking with a friend over the phone and we decided to head back to Plaza Latina for more Latin cuisine. This time, I decided to get a drink from the Ecuadorian Juice Bar, and a Paella de Mariscos from the Colombian Food Stall.


For my beverage, I ordered the Malta con Huevo (Large, $4.25), which is made with Malta Goya, a carbonated non-alcoholic malt beverage, mixed with one whole egg, and a sweetener, in this case, honey. The drink tasted like Ovaltine but with light carbonation. I liked the beverage, but would be an acquired taste for most.


After ordering the Paella de Mariscos ($14.00), I was told to be seated and it will be brought to me when ready. It took some time for the dish to be prepared, but it was worth the wait. The plate was heaping with seasoned rice mixed with an assortment of seafood. It was similar to the Arroz con Mariscos from the Ecuadorian Food Stall sans the fried plantains. They also had the Arroz con Mariscos at the Colombian Food Stall, but not entirely sure what the difference is. Overall, great meal, and definitely would be back to try out the rest of the food stalls.

Corn Cob Rating:
Malta con Huevo (Ecuadorian Juice Bar) = 4 out of 5
Paella de Mariscos (Colombian food stall) = 4 out of 5

Plaza Latina
9 Milvan Drive
Toronto, ON M9L1Y9


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