Local Eats: Fisherman’s Plaice

I’ve been making trips to the gym a lot lately, especially since I’m in the process of switching gyms. My youngest brother works at the new Lifetime Athletic in Mississauga, a massive fitness and athletic centre that has three floors of state of the art equipment and programs. Lifetime Fitness is an American company based out of Minnesota and this is their first chain in Canada.


Last Saturday, sometime past noon, I was on my way home when I drove by a strip mall and looked at what was there, and saw a fish & chips restaurant, which struck me as odd. Apparently, they’ve been there for a really long while, but I just didn’t expect to see them located there. I decided to check them out and see what they have.


The restaurant is called Fisherman’s Plaice. No, it’s not a typo…they spell “place” with an “i”…it’s Old English. The restaurant looks like a diner and you have to go up to the counter to place your order. The menu is written on chalk boards and they not only serve fish & chips, but traditional British fare as well, such as Steak & Kidney Pie, Steak & Mushroom Pie, and Haggis (a Scottish dish).


I ordered a bowl of Clam Chowder ($3.95) and Warm Apple Cider ($1.50) to drink. The chowder was very hearty and tasted ok. Not bad at all, and was good for the weekend’s chilly weather. The warm apple cider was just very comforting and warming.


I also ordered the halibut fish & chips ($11.35) which I think was a little pricey for one piece of fish. The fish was thick and lightly breaded, well cooked and tender, perfect with some malt vinegar. The chips/fries on the other hand were slightly greasy and soggy. Not the best choice for an after workout meal, but it filled my stomach, plus, I just had to try it out and tell the tale of my experience. Overall the fish was good, a little pricey, but no major complaints. The service was great. The waitress made sure I was taken cared of.

Corn Cob Rating:
Overall = 3.5 out of 5
Food = 3 out of 5
Dining Space/Atmosphere = 3 out of 5
Service = 5 out of 5

Fisherman’s Plaice
3105 Unity Drive, suite 32
Mississauga, ON L5L4L3
Tel#: (905) 820-7697


3 thoughts on “Local Eats: Fisherman’s Plaice

  1. Plaice isn’t “typo”, it’s a type of flatfish. I think the rest of your review is about as accurate (which is to say: not very).

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