Local Eats: Wacky Wings Eatery & Beverage Co.

Last Saturday night, after my band played for mass and after a short practice session, a few of us were hungry and decided to get a bite to eat. We decided to go to Wacky Wings in Mississauga, the only Wacky Wings location in Southern Ontario, with 3 locations in Northern Ontario, where they have originated and are based. The restaurant was huge, with a lot of TVs and is furnished with a lot of light coloured woods. It has a nice friendly atmosphere where people can relax, have a pint and wings, and catch a game on one of their multiple screens.


They had a few new items on the menu since my first visit some months ago. I decided to try one of their new offerings, Battered Banana Rings ($7.99), which is Banana Peppers cut up in rings, battered, and deep-fried. It is sweet, with a little bit of kick to it, and goes perfectly well with wings.


I also ordered 20 pieces of wings ($19.99) and had a choice of 2 flavours/sauces. I chose Hot Honey Dill for the first batch of 10 wings and Hot Chocolate for the second. The Hot Honey Dill sauce had a nice flavour profile that is highlighted by the hint of dill and sweetness of honey that cuts through the heat of the hot sauce. Not as hot as I expected it to be, and wanted it to be, but it was still great.


You all might think of me as weird since I chose Hot Chocolate as my second flavour. It’s a mix of chocolate sauce and hot sauce, with the slight sweetness and bitterness of the cocoa complimenting the heat of the hot pepper sauce. Don’t knock it until you try it. You’ll be surprised that the flavours really work well together. Overall, enjoyed my experience, but word of warning, the sweet potato fries are quite greasy and soggy, so you might want to think twice before you order.

Corn Cob Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Wacky Wings Eatery & Beverage Co.
1248 Dundas St. East
Mississauga, ON
Tel #: (289) 521-9464
URL: http://www.wackywings.ca


2 thoughts on “Local Eats: Wacky Wings Eatery & Beverage Co.

    • Yes, it is a very fatty meal. I know it’s all bad for the heart. Funny thing, I am a big supporter of the Heart & Stroke Foundation, and even participate in their yearly Ride for Heart cycling fundraiser.

      Your Filled Papaya recipe looks awesome. Can’t believe you usually don’t like papayas. It’s an awesome fruit!

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