Pub Grub: The Ultimate Platter @ Beaver & Bulldog

It’s the weekend! A time to relax and gather amongst friends. Last night, we went back to Beaver & Bulldog, a place I have already reviewed. Click HERE to read my post on it. I started off with crab cakes, which wasn’t as great when I had it last time. This was a little on the milder side of the spice range, and was quite mushy.


I ordered the Ultimate Platter which consisted of half a rack of ribs, pork schnitzel, and 4 pieces of wings with choice of sauce, accompanied by coleslaw and fries. The slaw and fries were good, while the wings with Buffalo sauce had a nice spicy kick with a sweet buttery undertone to it. The pork schnitzel was tender and juicy with a crispy outer layer. The ribs on the other hand were not anything special. The flavour was average, and wasn’t as enjoyable as the rest of the food on the plate. I would rate this dish 3/5 since the majority of the dish was good but the ribs didn’t meet my expectations.


4 thoughts on “Pub Grub: The Ultimate Platter @ Beaver & Bulldog

  1. Lol….awesome!! I so want to try the schnitzel next time we ever end up at this restaurant or any other eatery that sells this item, just for fun, since I see it advertised in various places in my area but have no clue what it is or how it even tastes ๐Ÿ˜›

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