Local Eats: King Kebab – There is Only One King

There are not a lot of Turkish restaurants around, actually, I’ve only been to two, and one has only been in business for about a year until it closed down and replaced by another one which is the subject of this post. King Kebab in Mississauga has opened its doors for about five months now, and is one of my regular lunchtime destinations. Prices are quite reasonable with sandwich wraps for $5.95 and complete meals for under $10.00.


This restaurant serves chicken kebabs and a variety of beef kebabs, the majority of which I have sampled. My favourite dish is the Adana Kebab plate with an extra skewer. Adana Kebab is made of a mixture of beef and lamb mixed with spices and hot peppers. For the faint of heart, they offer a non-spicy option in the Urfa Kebab. The meal comes with salad, pita bread, bulgur, and rice. My beverage of choice to compliment the meal would be Ayran, a yogurt drink. Food is prepared fresh, and the kebabs are cooked over charcoal. Just be prepared to wait for your meal as dishes are cooked to order.

King Kebab
5130 Dixie Rd, Unit 6
Mississauga, ON. L4W1C9
Tel #: (905) 238-3019


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