Spotted: El Gastrónomo Vagabundo – Globally Inspired. Locally Driven.

Food Trucks have changed the culinary landscape of North America, and is clearly evident in the food culture of the United States, especially with shows on The Food Network like Eat St. that showcases the creativity of these mobile chefs and brings gourmet food to the masses. Food Truck Fandom has spread north of the border to Canada, and a lot of these entrepreneurs have built a following around their beloved creations. Case in point is the food truck called El Gastrónomo Vagabundo that operates around Southern Ontario and is based in St Catherines in the province’s Niagara Region.


I’ve had the opportunity of sampling their gourmet creations twice, both of which were at the Food Truck Festival in Toronto’s Distillery District. During the debut of the festival, I sampled their Korean Barbecue Chicken Wings with sesame and cilantro. The combination of flavours was impressive for chicken wings, especially one served from a truck. The second time I saw the truck was at the third installment of the festival, and this time, one of their offerings was breaded lamb tongue. The chefs were able to harness their creativity and channel them into internationally inspired dishes that changes the way we view street food. Say goodbye to the days when hot dogs and fries were the norm. With a tag line such as Globally Inspired, Locally Driven, their foray into world cuisine is sustained using homegrown ingredients and local suppliers, that not only helps the local economy, but also brings to the forefront the products that the Niagara Region has to offer. Food Trucks such as El Gastrónomo Vagabundo are more than just meals on wheels. They are mobile gourmet kitchens that adds adventure and spice to the mundane and ordinary. I hope to see them again sometime, and eager to see what their creative minds come up with.


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