Destination USA: The District – Ben’s Chili Bowl

Back in July 29, 2011, three of my friends and I embarked on a trip to Washington DC to watch a friendly between Manchester United and FC Barcelona which was played on July 30, 2011. As part of the trip, we have planned to visit a popular local establishment that boasts the best chili dogs in the nations capital. I don’t think Adam Richman of Man vs Food would steer us wrong.


So, off we went to Ben’s Chili Bowl to see and taste what all the buzz was about. When we got there, the line made it all the way back to the restaurant and did another loop. The restaurant was filled with soccer fans, fraternity brothers having a reunion, as well as a bus load full of some family gathering for a reunion.


I ordered a milkshake and the half-smoke chili dog. The chili dog came with a side of potato chips, which was a nice touch. Overall, it was a great experience in an establishment that is well known as one of the food hot spots in The District. The chili was hearty and flavourful, and compliments the half-smokes very well. This is better than any chili dog served at a ballpark or the movie theatre.


After our meal, we made our way to the National Mall to visit some monuments and museums. It was a great weekend trip that ended off with an exciting soccer game at FedEx Field. I wonder where we’ll end up next?


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